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Reviews from Yelp


Wilbur D, South Pasadena, CA

I went to see Dr Meng to prepare for my hernia surgery and recovery.  She strengthened my immune system through acupuncture and herbal teas.  It helped tremendously and I am very pleased with her support.  In addition she is also helping me with my prostate cancer.  Chinese medicine is noted for helping men recover

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Caitlin M. Testimonial

I started seeing Dr. Meng shortly after the birth of my daughter. I was dealing with crazy hormonal shifts and fatigue. I felt like I wasn’t able to be the mom that I wanted to be. I decided to try acupuncture and there I met Dr. Meng. She was the first physician that I had been to about this problem

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Testimonial from Valoris Peterson

I have been getting acupuncture from Dr Fanjie Meng to help alleviate my sinus suffering. I have had chronic sinus infections ever since I was a young girl. I have been on every antibiotic known to man. Thanks to Dr Fanjie Meng, I have been experiencing less and less sinus infections. She doesn’t just do acupuncture, but is also very

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