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Reviews from Yelp


Wilbur D, South Pasadena, CA

I went to see Dr Meng to prepare for my hernia surgery and recovery.  She strengthened my immune system through acupuncture and herbal teas.  It helped tremendously and I am very pleased with her support.  In addition she is also helping me with my prostate cancer.  Chinese medicine is noted for helping men recover from this disease.  Dr Meng is thorough, thoughtful and supportive in helping me understand the intricacies of traditional chinese medicine and western medicine.  I find her many years of experience in both western and eastern medicine a great advantage and I highly recommend her.


Pam D, South Pasadena, CA

I had a recent toe surgery and wanted help in detoxing from the anesthesia and antibiotics I had taken.  I also wanted help in strengthening my immune system, help in dealing with my sinus allergies and the stress of my husband’s health issues.   Dr Meng has helped tremendously providing acupuncture and  customized herbal teas to meet my needs.   She thoughtfully explained what she was doing and why.  My energy level has improved and my toe is healing very well along with my sinus allergies.  I highly recommend Dr. Meng because of her years of experience with both eastern and western medicine which has made a difference for me.



Marilou B, Santa Clarita, CA

Acupuncture gives me instant result
The first time I went for treatment it felt like magic, my back pain & below the rib went away…Dr. Fanjie Meng is brilliant. I see her at her Santa Clarita office. For the past 6 sessions she incorporated acupuncture face lift. OMG I am so amazed with the result. The overall texture and brightness of my face has improved. The deep lines around my mouth and in between my eyebrows are gone. I am 52 yrs old..I would recommend her.


H Y, Valencia, CA

I have been seeing Dr. Meng since the summer of 2014.  She has always addressed my concerns and has listened to me explain what I am feeling and where my pain is.  I was in a car accident in December of 2011, which resulted in a small tear in the muscle of my neck.  The tear didn’t bother me much until I started working out and lifting weights.  I then started feeling a large knot in my neck that would radiate pain throughout my shoulder and back. Dr. Meng has helped me with acupuncture.  She has greatly reduced the pain and discomfort I have been experiencing on a daily basis.  I highly recommend her.


Jerry C. Santa Clarita, CA

SKEPTIC turned BELIVER!!  I was referred by a friend after I got a sickness that gave me extreme Anxiety. I went to my usual dr and he didn’t explain why I got it, he just gave me a pill that would make me drowsy and called it a day. I figured I’d try the acupuncture, rather than more pills to wreck my body.  Dr. Meng not only explained to me the reason why this happened, but after my first visit I instantly felt waaay better! I Couldn’t believe it after One Session no Pill?!?!  After visiting her site ( I saw that you can treat a lot w acupuncture! I will definitely continue with this and consult with her for any future issues I might have.  Highly Recommend!


Caitlin M, from Valencia, CA

I started seeing Dr. Meng shortly after the birth of my daughter. I was dealing with crazy hormonal shifts and fatigue. I felt like I wasn’t able to be the mom that I wanted to be. I decided to try acupuncture and there I met Dr. Meng. She was the first physician that I had been to about this problem who look at me and said ” you’ll be ok, I’ve seen this before”. I can’t tell you what a relief that was to hear and it made me feel like just another patient instead of a “crazy” person. Within a month or so I was in a totally different place and coming out of a really hard time in my life. I couldn’t be happier with the results and will continue to go see her as well as recommend anyone in need to her.

Dr. Meng is the reason I have chosen to go to acupuncture school myself and if I can help someone out like she helped me then I will feel like I’ve accomplished something. Thank you Dr. Meng!


Melissa, A, Orange, CA

She is a great acupuncturist. Very caring and listens to your needs. Extremely knowledgeable when it comes to medical conditions, etc.  I would recommend her to everyone.


Georgene S. from Los Osos, CA

I have been to Dr. Meng for my psoriasis on my scalp.  I can’t tell you how much help she was.  I would still be going to her but we moved away and she told me just what to look for when getting another Dr.  I would recommend her any time to anyone.


C C , Canyon Country, CA

Dr. Meng is a kind, compassionate and caring person who has helped me with some issues I had. I always return to her whenever some new health problem arrises because I know she can nip it in the bud and get me feeling well again. I wold recommend Dr. Meng to anyone who is thinking about trying acupuncture,


Gina K, Los Angeles, CA

I have seen Dr. Meng on and off for the past two years and I would recommend that anyone who has any aliment to see her.  She’s very educated in both Eastern and Western medical practices, and seeing her allows me to be pain free, which is something I can’t speak highly enough about.  I have various health concerns, and I love acupuncture because I can address them all in one or two sessions, and leave feeling incredibly healthy.  Pain issues are large for me, and I have Dr. Meng to thank for being pain free in my hips and lower back, allowing me to have my active life back!  Such a great treatment, such a great DR!  I normally don’t write posts for medical things, but I really do love this treatment, and I love that my insurance’s preventative plan covers it.  Great combo!